Reduce plastics in flexible packaging with SHIELDPLUS®

Are you looking for recyclable and renewable flexible packaging material? SHIELDPLUS® is our game-changing fibre-based barrier material for flexible packaging.

Paper as a packaging material is used in a growing number of end applications. SHIELDPLUS® provides yet new possibilities for brand owners because of its water-based barrier. SHIELDPLUS® is our solution for packages where presently barrier films made from plastic or aluminium are used. Thanks to its wood fibre base and water-based barrier coating, SHIELDPLUS® is recyclable. It will significantly help to reduce the use of plastics in packaging. SHIELDPLUS® has excellent barrier properties to protect the contents and to maintain their quality.

Excellent barrier properties against:

  • Oxygen
  • Greases
  • Aromas (flavours)
  • Mineral oils
  • Water vapour


To reduce use of plastics

You can decrease the use of plastics and aluminium and increase biomass use instead. With SHIELDPLUS® you can reduce the number of layers and simplify the converting process.

To support sustainability

SHIELDPLUS® is made from PEFC and FSC certified pulp. It is recyclable. Thanks to its water-based coating, SHIELDPLUS® is free of PVDC and PVC. It is also PFAS free. 

To enhance process performance

The process performance and printing properties of SHIELDPLUS® make it suitable for various end applications.

Suitable for direct food contact

SHIELDPLUS® product range is suitable for direct food contact. The full range is certified for food contact with dry foods as well as moist and fatty foods.

Available grades

Grammage 58 g/m² 60 g/m² 65 g/m²
Thickness 66 µm 72 µm 68 µm
WVTR 23°C, 50 % RH ≤ 5.0 g / (m²×d) ≤ 5.0 g / (m²×d) ≤ 5.0 g / (m²×d)
OTR 23°C, 50 % RH ≤ 5.0 cm³ / (m²×d×atm) ≤ 5.0 cm³ / (m²×d×atm) ≤ 5.0 cm³ / (m²×d×atm)
Grease proof barrier target 12 hour 12 hour 12 hour
HVTR (mineral oil) target 5 g / (m²×d) 5 g / (m²×d) 5 g / (m²×d)

Certificates: ISO 22000, FDA 21 §176.170, BfR XXXVI.


Developing together

Let’s find a solution for your end application

We develop our products together with our customers to find the optimal solution for their needs. Our specialists in product development, sales and technical customer service ensure that the paper works impeccably in its intended application.