I am confident that Jujo Thermal, as a member of Nippon Paper Group, will continue to contribute to the building of a sustainable society through innovative products, such as our latest innovation, the flexible packaging paper material SHIELDPLUS®.

As a specialty paper manufacturer, SHIELDPLUS® is the cornerstone of our strategy to provide our customers with sustainable product innovations. SHIELDPLUS® is recyclable and can be used to replace plastic films, used in flexible packaging, without sacrificing performance, such as high oxygen and vapour barriers. By providing a sustainable basis, we encourage our customers to lifecycle thinking and to innovate applications that support the concept of a circular economy, that is, returning products to material flow.

Although our focus has been the SHIELDPLUS® project, we are highly committed to the continuous development of the safety and welfare of our employees. Our latest milestone was the upgrade of our occupational health and safety system to comply with the ISO 45001:2018 standard. By acting responsibly towards our employees, customers, and other stakeholders, we create a foundation for profitable business and welfare promotion for our surrounding community.

Toshihiro Sawamura
Toshihiro Sawamura, CEO