The quantity of paper in a jumbo roll equals

  • a nominal width of +/-1 mm, and
  • a nominal length of -0/+20 m.

Paper grades 40-90 g/m²

Available reel widths: 420–2360 mm.

Total cumulative reel width: 2100–2360 mm (= self-trimming need).

Minimum outside reel diameter: 70 cm

Paper grades 105-182 g/m²

Available reel widths: 200 mm–2220 mm.

Minimum outside reel diameter: 50 cm.


  • Standard core: 76 mm (3”)
  • Core available by agreement: 70 mm / 153 mm (6”)


Splices are joined by using black paper tape. The distance between splices is a minimum of 500 m at the beginning and the end of the roll included. The maximum allowed number of splices in one jumbo roll is two. The amount of splices is shown on the jumbo roll label.

Packing and labelling

The rolls can be packed on pallets or delivered without pallets.