What is thermal paper?

Thermal paper is the recording media to be printed with heat from the thermal printer. Since any ink ribbon, toner or ink cartridge is not required to record information on the thermal paper, the very compact printer can be used with minimum maintenance. Today thermal paper is widely used in labels, tickets, POS receipts, medical charts, and other applications because of its high reliability and convenience.

What is C1S paper?

C1S (Coated one side) paper is a product designed for the value-added label face stock. As the name implies, normally one or two coating layers are applied on only one side of the base paper to achieve various features like gloss, brightness, whiteness, opacity, printability.

What is the structure of thermal paper?

Jujo Thermal’s thermal paper consists of the base paper and some special coating layers.  On the surface side (the recording side), the precoat layer and the thermal layer are coated. In order to add high durability to the thermal printing image, the topcoat layer can be applied to the thermal layer. Also, the backside layer can be coated to improve printability and the backside protection against the adhesive.

Thermal paper structure

What are the main characteristics of thermal paper?

The main function of thermal paper is “thermal printing”. This is why, in addition to normal paper properties (grammage, thickness, strength…), the thermal printing quality and the image stability are important. Furthermore, the pre-printability by the conventional printing methods like Flexo or Offset is also required for the thermal paper. The JTK product selector can assist you to find the right product for your business.

How are thermal paper printing properties rated?

The thermal printing property can be divided into “dynamic sensitivity” and “maximum density”. The dynamic sensitivity shows how fast and with lower energy the thermal paper can be printed. The high maximum density can give a distinct thermal printing image, good readability, and strong image stability.

What are the recommended printing methods for C1S and direct thermal paper?

Most of Jujo Thermal’s C1S grades have a superior printability with Flexo (water/UV), Offset (water/UV), Letterpress, and other printing methods. Printing on thermal paper is a more challenging process. For a suitable printing process, please check the information in our product range sheet and ink recommendation sheet. It is recommended to always have printing trials when selecting a new ink or printing a new paper grade. For any assistance on technical issues related to the printing, please contact the appropriate ink manufacturer or the technical customer service of Jujo Thermal.