Thermal Papers

We are one of the world’s leading suppliers of durable direct thermal papers for label face material, tickets & tags and point-of-sales use. We offer a full range of thermal papers including non-BPA and non-phenol thermal papers. Our customers are label laminators and converters who process the paper further for the desired end use. Our thermal papers are widely used in end applications, such as labels, tickets, POS receipts, medical charts, and many other applications.

Coated One Side Papers

We have advanced coated one side specialty label face materials for a wide range of end applications. C1S papers have one or two coating layers, applied only on one side of the base paper, to achieve the optimal performance for the intended application. Important characteristics include properties such as gloss, brightness, whiteness, opacity and printability.

Coated one-side papers

Flexible Packaging Papers

SHIELDPLUS® is our game-changing recyclable fibre-based barrier material for flexible packaging. SHIELDPLUS® product range is suitable for direct food contact. The full range is certified for food contact with dry food as well as moist and fatty foods.

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