Our mission is for our operations to be socially responsible, to provide added value for our customers, to create social welfare for employees and to make a profit that can be given back to society.

We operate in accordance with Finnish and EU legislation, regulations, obligations, permits and contracts. Our operations are guided by our values and code of ethics. Our operating policy consists of individual policies on occupational safety and health, the environment and energy efficiency, food safety and quality.

Our operating policy forms the basis for management systems that comply with standards ISO 9001, ISO 45001, ISO 14001 and ISO 22000, an energy efficiency system, and a chain of custody system for wood. The policy also creates a foundation for setting operational targets. Management reviews ensure that the operating policy is up to date, monitor the policy’s implementation and decide on the need for any changes.

Every employee knows their responsibilities and the contribution of their work and is committed to compliance with our operating policy.

Occupational safety and health

Managing occupational safety and health is one of the most important cornerstones of our operations. We continuously develop our working conditions and operations in order to guarantee a safe and healthy working environment for our employees.

Our principle is to act proactively; that is, to remove all risks to our employees and to reduce occupational safety and health risks in order to prevent occupational accidents and work-related illnesses and to reduce detrimental workload. We eliminate hazards and reduce risks through assessments, safety rounds, various inspections, and risk observation and close-call reports. This proactive action is carried out in collaboration with our employees and other relevant interest groups.

Our aim is to develop our safety culture to become increasingly proactive and unified. In order to achieve this, we encourage our employees to actively participate in safety work.

The Environment and energy efficiency

Caring for the environment is an essential part of sustainable development. Our aim is to reduce the environmental impact of our operations by making responsible choices in the procurement of raw materials, energy sources, and services. We comply with the chain of custody management principles of the FSC and PEFC standards when purchasing pulp, our main raw material. We aim to increase the amount of certified pulp we use.

We act responsibly and use energy-efficient solutions when developing our products and production processes. We aim to utilise by-products and waste generated during production primarily as raw materials or energy.

We predict situations that could cause harm to the environment by carrying out regular rísk assessments. Our operations comply with the provisions of the Environmental Protection Act. We train our employees to understand the environmental impact of their work and of their environmental obligations.

The company uses heat (steam) to dry paper, and also uses electricity and gas. Electricity is mainly used to power machinery and equipment.

The manufacturing of the steam that we procure complies with sustainable development principles by using the best available technology (BAT) with regard to both emissions and the raw materials burnt. We use market-price electricity in our production. The electricity we procure is primarily sourced from carbon-neutral energy production.

Through continuous development, we aim to reduce the use of energy per ton of paper produced.

Food safety

We continuously develop our operations in order to guarantee safe food packaging for customers. We work together with the customer to ensure that our products are fit for the customer’s purpose. We manufacture our products to meet the customer’s requirements in accordance with official regulations and legislation.

It is the responsibility of each of our employees to monitor food safety. We train our employees to understand the impact of their work on food safety. Our raw materials suppliers and partners in cooperation are audited through surveys and reception inspections.


At Jujo Thermal, we care not only about the quality of our end products but also about the overall quality of our operations. Quality is an important success factor for us.

We monitor and measure the quality of our operations, and continuously develop our operations in order to generate added value for our customers.

Skilled and motivated employees are a precondition for high-quality operations, so we invest in our employees’ training and encourage them to participate in decision-making.