Working at the paper mill

The core value of our paper mill is created in production. In total, the production of heat-sensitive, coated papers and flexible packaging materials of Jujo Thermal is carried out by over 125 paper production professionals. In total five work shifts teams are keeping the production flow running around the clock. One shift consists of 25 people, whose seamless cooperation is key to the quality and availability of our products.

The tasks of each shift are divided into base paper production, paper coating, and quality controls tasks of laboratory technicians. Next, our long-term production professionals Kari Mäkinen and Fanny Salomaa describe what their work in Jujo's production entails.

"Here in the production, we are one big family".

Quality and continuity with decades of experience – Kari Mäkinen, coating machine operator

’’As part of Jujo Thermals production team I am responsible for a coating machine, which is an integral part of the production of Jujo Thermal´s heat-sensitive papers,’’ Mäkinen sums up. Depending on the shift, his work day starts early in the morning, during the day, or in the evening with an exchange of news and updates with colleagues from the previous shift. The shift continues with a wide range of responsibilities. ''I monitor the quality of the paper, the continuity of production, and the settings of the coating machine when the paper grade to be coated changes. If there are any fault situations, I solve the causes and guide the correction of the situation. When the paper quality changes, I grab the pressure washer and wash the coating machine,” Mäkinen describes.

Mäkinen says that as a paper coating machine operator, motivation, accuracy, the ability to adapt to shift work, colleagues, cooperation and the ability to understand the big picture are particularly important. In the middle of the interview, he calls out instructions to the doorway where a colleague is inquiring for assistance. He continues with a voice of experience: ''The accumulation of a broad overview of the operations of the paper mill and the understanding of the interconnectedness of individual issues have fueled my enthusiasm for work as my career has progressed''.

He knows what he is talking about – in addition to his job title, he holds the title of the oldest worker in the mill's production. Mäkinen started his career at a paper mill almost fifty years ago. His extensive career at the Jujo Thermal paper mill has included meters and meters of quality paper, but above all else good moments with shift colleagues during both work and leisure time. With a smile on his face, Mäkinen describes the best sides of his work: ''Here in the production, we are one big family. Working conditions are well taken care of. In this job, even in winter, you can have a t-shirt on''.

"I know everyone here in the production. Our team is unique”.

Measurements and monitoring in a relaxed working environment - Fanny Salomaa, Laboratory Technician

On morning shift days, Fanny's workday begins early. She ensures that all the necessary measurements are accurately and correctly recorded in the quality diary of the paper production. These measurements include, for example, the grammage and thickness of the paper grades and details of the coating, such as solid content or ph-values. Some of the measurements are measured by machines, some manually. ’’ The measurements I record are needed for example by the paper machine users who also monitor the quality of our production,'' says Fanny. For her, the accuracy of the measurements is of paramount importance to be sure of the quality and to be able to make prompt and fine adjustments to the paper production in cooperation with the rest of the production team.

Originally, Fanny’s career path at Jujo Thermal began through an internship.  ’’My more than 10 years at Jujo Thermal have accumulated my skills extensively, not only in the field of paper products but also on a personal level. I have learned to admit mistakes boldly. In addition, on New Year’s Eve, I will be able to stay awake thanks to learning three-shift work," laughs Fanny. According to her the best thing about Jujo Thermal as a company is reliability, but the foremost motivator for her work at the production any time of the day are the people who make it possible to have a relaxed and reliable working atmosphere.  ''I know everyone here in the production. Our team is unique”.

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