One step ahead by developing together

We want to offer our customers a unique combination of high-performance products, product development and customer service. The mission of our technical customer service department is to support customers, especially in matters regarding after-sales, and to participate in product development together with the R&D and sales departments. We asked experts from the technical customer service department to describe what a job in technical customer service includes.

”Customer needs. That defines our work.” This was the answer from the head of technical customer service Matti-Pekka Vanninen when asking him how he would describe their work. The responsibilities of the technical customer service department include customer feedback, which often is related to product functionality in customers’ further processing. “It is important that the customer feels that their voice is truly heard,” technical customer service expert Katri Hautaniemi continues.

Ensuring paper performance

”In practice, the tasks of technical customer service are related to developing the performance of our papers, so that they function in the best possible way in our customers’ converting processes. The desirable performance depends on the end-use purpose of the paper. Typical end-use applications can be, for instance, food labels, logistics labels, cash receipts or food packaging. Paper performance means things such as how readable the printout is, what the print speed is, what the shelf life of the paper is, and how well the packaging paper protects the food from external factors. Also, the functionality of the paper in the printing process can be an important factor,“ Matti-Pekka describes.

A workday at the technical customer service department

”My mornings usually start in production meetings, where I hear the newest news from the production. After this, it is time to go through emails and customer enquiries. The days normally also include internal product development meetings, for instance, with the production. Part of the customer feedback can be handled in a few days and another part leads to longer development projects. Each day is different, so it does not get boring.

In product development projects, we also cooperate with printer manufacturers, paper processing machine suppliers, glue suppliers, ink suppliers, or pressrooms. The printing methods constantly develop, so it is very rewarding to be part of the test printing. Over the years, the tools for following your work have improved and we constantly develop our working methods. I graduated from the Tampere polytechnic where I orientated myself towards paper technology. I came to Jujo over 15 years ago to be an R&D laboratory technician and the last 10 years I have worked as an expert within technical customer service,” Katri explains.

Tight cooperation

Technical customer service projects can also be a trigger for more extensive development projects. “We work closely together with production, sales, product development, and workers responsible for product safety. We can quickly develop and change our operation methods or present product development ideas based on our observations. I have been working at Jujo for over 20 years, so I know the people here well and that helps my work,” Matti-Pekka describes. For the last five years, he has been in charge of technical customer service and management systems. Before that, Matti-Pekka was in charge of production. He came to Jujo after graduating with a master's degree in paper technology.

Working together

”Our goal is long-lasting customer partnerships. A mutual understanding of the products and the requirements of further processing makes the cooperation with the customer efficient and effective. Time is money for our customers, and hence, the faster the development works the better,” Matti-Pekka concludes.

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