Jujo Thermal’s sustainable flexible packaging material SHIELDPLUS® has won the Productive Idea competition

Press release 19.10.2022

Jujo Thermal's recyclable and fibre based flexible packaging material SHIELDPLUS® has won the business category of the Productive Idea competition. SHIELDPLUS® consists of wood-based fibres coated with a water-based barrier coating.  Thanks to excellent gas barrier properties, SHIELDPLUS® provides a sustainable alternative to the packaging industry to minimize the usage barrier films made of plastic or aluminium.

The Productive Idea competition is an open competition which is arranged annually by the Junior Chamber International in Finland. The aim of the competition is to promote the appreciation of entrepreneurship and to demonstrate the importance of innovation for healthy economic growth and for positive development of our standard of living.  The winners get their logo displayed on the Nasdaq screen at the New York Times Square.

The motivation of the jury was the societal value of SHIELDPLUS® as well as the unlimited market potential and the further processing possibilities that it possesses. The SHIELDPLUS® material was described, for example, in these words: " An innovation which supports both food supply and food safety and thus solves many problems simultaneously. Based on the global problem of plastic waste and the need for sustainable food safety, this is the only right direction for the future”.

Jens Remmer and Tiina Ketonen representing Jujo Thermal at the prize gala.

”Winning the Productive Idea competition is such a great award for us all after years of product development. The flexible packaging material SHIELDPLUS® is a concrete, real-life example on how we fulfil our mission to contribute to the creation of a sustainable society. SHIELDPLUS® improves packaging industries' and brand owners' possibilities to create recyclable and even biodegradable food packages”, describes Vice President Jens Remmer from Jujo Thermal.

SHIELDPLUS® provides a sustainable and safe base for further processing in the packaging industry. It is suitable for direct food contact and has excellent barrier properties to protect the contents and to maintain their quality. However, SHIELDPLUS® alone is not enough to make the food packages sustainable. It requires that every actor in the downstream converting process commits to sustainability and ensures the recyclability. With SHIELDPLUS®, the food packaging industry can also simplify the converting process by reducing the number of layers needed in the package.

For further information:

Jens Remmer, Executive Vice President, Sales

jens.remmer@jujothermal.com, tel. +358(0)505916676


Many of the food packages made of paper contain barrier films made of plastic or aluminium. Barrier films have a very important function because they protect the contents and maintain its quality.  The SHIELDPLUS® technology provides an alternative to replace the barrier film made of plastic or aluminium with a water-based barrier coating which has excellent barrier properties.  SHIELDPLUS® consists of wood-based fibres coated with a water-based barrier coating. It is made from FSC certified pulp, and it is recyclable. Thanks to its water-based coating, SHIELDPLUS® is free of PVDC and PVC. It is also PFAS free. The SHIELDPLUS® product range is suitable for direct food contact and it provides a unique combination of gas barrier properties and process performance.

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