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Easy-to-use product search

Our new product search was designed with two purposes in mind. It should be easy-to-use, and it should offer comprehensive information of the grades. The field we are operating in is rather complex so we wanted to make it as simple as possible for you to explore our offerings. Have you been in a situation where… Read more»

Welcome to our new homepage

We have renewed our homepage The new homepage is responsive and, therefore, well functional regardless of the screen size. The updated homepage has more product information and other product related material. There are new sections for product search, downloads and contact form. We hope you will find the new functions useful. Especially the product… Read more»

Counterfeiters are not taking any summer holidays

EXTRASSURE® – One step ahead of the bad guys Counterfeit has been referred to as the crime of the 21st Century. Hence, we at Jujo Thermal offer security paper solutions. However, security paper alone is not always enough in the fight against counterfeiting. A multilayered security structure is needed. With this is mind, we have… Read more»