Operating policy

Jujo Thermal, as a member of Nippon Paper Group, aims to create added value to society and all its stakeholders by manufacturing and selling high-quality thermal papers and one-side-coated papers.

Our mission is to drive social sustainability through our business, to add value to our customers, to create social welfare for our employees, to make profit, and to share it with society.

The basis of our operations is formed by our common values, which are openness, reliability, honesty, fairness, and respect of individuals and nature. We believe in challenge and teamwork. We have zero tolerance for all kind of harassment and we consider safety and environment a first priority.

We operate in accordance with laws, regulations, permits and contracts. We also operate in accordance with our code of ethics.

We continuously improve our operations as to achieve customer satisfaction, to protect the environment from pollution, and to ensure a safe working place for our employees. We do this by using advanced know-how and technology and by operating in accordance with management systems based on the ISO 9001-, ISO 14001- and OHSAS 19001 standards. When sourcing pulp, we comply with the principles of the FSC andPEFC standards. We enhance our employees’ participation in the decision-making process and we invest in the education of our employees.

The management of Jujo Thermal has set safety, environment, quality, production, sales, and financial targets for the company. In ourmanagement reviews, we make make sure that operating policies are up-to-date, that targets are met, and that necessary decisions for change are made.

Every employee knows her responsibility and the contribution of her work. Every employee is committed to follow our operating policies.

Kauttua 8th May 2018

President and CEO
Toshihiro Sawamura