Wood, water and co-operation 

SHIELDPLUS® by Jujo Thermal replaces plastics in flexible food packaging.

Jujo Thermal’s new flexible packaging material SHIELDSEAM® was put to a real life test in a co-project with Chemigate. Potato starch was successfully packed in the heat sealable SHIELDSEAM® material. SHIELDSEAM® is the newest member of Jujo’s fibre-based SHIELDPLUS® product range. Thanks to its water-based barrier coating, it has excellent barrier properties against grease and water.

”Chemigate is our starch supplier. I had come across with Chemigate’s marketing sample pouches, and they caught my interest. I asked if we could provide our SHIELDPLUS®-based SHIELDSEAM® material for the next samples, and we were happy that Chemigate’s team reacted positively to our proposal”, describes Jujo’s Supply Chain & Product Safety Manager Jyri Huppunen.  

Jujo Thermal has traditionally manufactured thermal papers and coated one-side papers. In 2019 the company decided to enter a new market and launched the SHIELDPLUS® product range targeted for flexible packaging. In this journey, not only investments and new skills but also courage and creative co-operation have been demanded. During our co-project with Chemigate, we recognized the similar straightforward attitude in their way of working!

Read the whole story: Chemigate´s customer magazine The Bridge (page 19)

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