The construction works of the SHIELDPLUS® production facility completed

The investment project aimed at starting industrial production of SHIELDPLUS® paper material was kicked off a year ago. The construction works have now been completed.

SHIELDPLUS® paper material is a new product group for Jujo Thermal. To start industrial production of this new range, the existing production facility has to be renewed. The construction works have progressed according to schedule. During the past year, we have expanded our coating colour kitchen to meet the requirements of SHIELDPLUS® production. Looking at this from the outside, the most visible result is a new space with a fine collection of containers, pumps, pipes, dispersers and mixers. However, the invisible, but still the most valuable part of the project, is the product development work done for this. And the product development continues, of course,” says Project Manager Juha-Pekka Kaivola.

SHIELDPLUS® products are paper-based materials with excellent barrier properties against oxygen, water vapour and aromas. The material consists of wood-based fibres and is protected with a water-based barrier coating. “We believe that paper as packaging material holds a great deal of potential. It is a part of the solution to developing environmentally friendly packaging materials. SHIELDPLUS® is recyclable, and thus it provides a sustainable basis for our customers’ end applications. The new colour kitchen strengthens our product development capabilities. We are, indeed, planning to produce other types of paper-based materials suitable for packaging used in the future,” concludes Technical Development Director & Packaging Specialist Masashi Okamoto.

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