Something new, something old – as the new product names unfold

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Jujo Thermal will launch new product names for direct thermal papers in April 2022.

We will renew the product naming system of our direct thermal papers. The target is to simplify the names to make them more uniform and informative. The new grade names will be in use in April 2022. The new names are a part of our ongoing ERP system renewal. The renewal process also involves visual updating of our documents, such as reel labels, order confirmations and invoices.  

New product naming structure

The new grade names contain something new and something old. The new naming structure is more logical and straightforward than the existing one. The scheme for the new grade names is:

AP54KM-E=> JujoL-KME-65 Label product group
AL60KT-LH=>JujoL-KTLH-76 Label product group
AP62KM-P => JujoT-KMP-73Ticket & Tags product group
AP17KT-N=> JujoT-KTN-182Ticket & Tags product group
AP40KS-F => JujoP-KSF-44  POS product group
AP45KS-ND=> JujoP-KSND-48  POS product group
CURRENT NAME => corresponding NEW NAME (examples)

The logic behind and order of the new nomenclature is:

  1. The brand prefix Jujo used in the names of all our thermal products 
  2. The product group indicated in Capital letters as shown below
    • L for Label
    • T for Ticket & Tag
    • P for POS
  3. The product identifier, for example, KME, KMP, KSF etc.
  4. The basis weight. 

We will have a list of both old and new product names available on our website during the transition period. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our sales team.

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