Our range of non-BPA thermal papers is even more comprehensive now

We have enlarged our range of non-BPA grades by introducing three new grades for POS receipt and ticket applications and two new grades for non-topcoated label and ticket applications.

Our range now comprises seven non-BPA grades targeted for POS use, with image stability of either eight or ten years. We have taken into consideration various demands in terms of end-application, and thus we offer a diverse set of combinations of product properties to choose from.

Click the grade name to find the product specification of each new non-topcoated grade for POS receipts & tickets:




For label and ticket applications our portfolio incorporates six non-topcoated grades produced without BPA. They provide an excellent non-BPA basis for the end applications such as travel, event and parking tickets, and retail and logistics labels.

Click the grade name to find the specification of each new non-topcoated grade for labels & tickets:



Explore our product range and find a suitable grade for your needs.

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