Jujo Thermal showcases innovative solutions for the label market at Labelexpo Europe 2019

Jujo Thermal exhibits its complete range of thermal and coated one side thermal label face materials at Labelexpo Europe 2019 and showcases a versatile set of new products and solutions for the label market. New products are thermal paper grade AP65KM-LNL for direct thermal linerless applications, coated one-side paper grade Extrachrome X4 for high-end product label applications, a new range of non-topcoated and topcoated label grades based on a novel non-phenol chemistry, and StarckeGate® concept for brand protection and supply chain protection. In the spotlight is also SHIELDPLUS® which is a recyclable and biodegradable paper material for flexible packaging.

AP65KM-LNL is a linerless grade with optimized product properties. It has low silicone demand, good and stable release properties, consistent tack properties and reliable thermal print imaging. It is the perfect choice when a cost-efficient and sustainable labelling solution is needed. Extrachrome X4 is the fourth generation Extrachrome grade which combines a high level of paper surface gloss with an appealing paper whiteness and excellent print fidelity.  New non-phenol range, in turn, is Jujo Thermal´s response to market demands for alternative developer chemistries in non-phenol thermal papers. It provides a sustainable option without compromising the stable thermal print imaging characteristics.

StarckeGate® is a solution which connects products equipped with intelligent labels to the StarckeGate® portal. The portal enables brand owners to trace their products and allows end-users to authenticate that the product is genuine. The label base substrate is EXTRASSURE® security paper material of Jujo Thermal. The label material characteristics can be tailored according to the end application, whereas the total security level can be enhanced by layered structuring of tamper evidence, individual QR coding or NFC feature and holograms.

SHIELDPLUS® is a new environmentally friendly specialty paper for flexible and sustainable food packaging. The new product has superior barrier properties to protect the package contents. It is a viable alternative for food packages where presently barrier films made of plastic or aluminium are used.

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