Jujo Thermal launches three new SHIELDPLUS® grades aimed at flexible food packaging

Press release 20.9.2021

SHIELDPLUS® is a game-changing recyclable fibre-based barrier material aimed at flexible packaging. The new product grades, SHIELDPLUS® Graphic 65, SHIELDPLUS® BR 60 and SHIELDPLUS® 58, provide a sustainable solution for packaging of dry, moist and fatty foods. SHIELDPLUS® has excellent barrier properties to protect the contents and to maintain their quality.

The innovative recyclable grades mark the beginning of a new era, as Jujo Thermal enters a new market segment, Flexible Packaging Materials. The grades are based on the SHIELDPLUS® technology, in which wood-based fibres are coated with a water-based barrier layer. The SHIELDPLUS® product range is certified for contact with not only dry but also with moist and fatty foods. SHIELDPLUS® grades have an excellent barrier against water vapour, oxygen, aromas, greases, mineral oils and solvents.

The new grades help the flexible packaging industry to reduce the use of plastics or aluminium films.

SHIELDPLUS® Graphic 65 and SHIELDPLUS® BR 60 have a non-barrier side optimized for high-definition process printing. Besides being well suitable for flexo printing systems, this makes them also suitable for gravure printing.

The non-barrier side of SHIELDPLUS® 58 is suitable for flexo printing.

The whole SHIELDPLUS® range is recyclable. SHIELDPLUS® 58 and SHIELDPLUS® BR 60 have been certified to meet the demands for biodegradability. All the grades can be coated with an optional heat sealant layer by the converters.

“The SHIELDPLUS® grades support brand owners in their efforts to manage and minimize the environmental burden throughout the product’s lifecycle. SHIELDPLUS®, as a technology, holds considerable potential for the food packaging industry. We are developing new applications together with our customers to harness the full capabilities of SHIELDPLUS®. It is not only about the environmental advantages that SHIELDPLUS® provides, but also about the economic benefits gained by reducing the number of layers and thus simplifying the converting process”, explains Masashi Okamoto, Director of Technical Development.

The SHIELDPLUS® grades are based on a technology innovation from Jujo Thermal’s parent company, the Nippon Paper Industries. Jujo Thermal is Nippon Paper Group’s European production base for SHIELDPLUS®.

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