Jujo Thermal has received ISO 22000:2018 certificate for food packaging

In 2019, Jujo Thermal announced its investment project for starting the industrial production of a new flexible packaging material, SHIELDPLUS®. Today, two years later we have reached an important milestone, as we have been granted the ISO 22000:2018 certificate.  Together with the completed product development of the SHIELDPLUS® barrier paper, the certificate status enables product qualifications across a broad spectrum of flexible packaging applications.

ISO  22000:2018 is a food safety management system that manages the safety of food for end-users. The granted certificate only applies to our flexible packaging materials with direct food contact. The certificate is a guarantee that our customers and end-users are safe when using food that is in direct contact with the flexible packaging materials we produce.

We renewed our production facility to meet the requirement of SHIELDPLUS® during 2020. However, the preparations for applying for ISO 22000:2018 started already in 2019. In the last two years, we have developed our processes and trained our personnel to meet the standards of ISO:22000:2018 and thus to meet all the safety aspects for the end-users of our products.

For us, food safety management is continuous work. In addition to continuous risk assessment of food safety hazards, we will manage food safety by having external and internal audits, educating our personnel and by careful documentation.

The SHIELDPLUS® fibre-based concept for high-barrier flexible packaging is based on technology innovation from Jujo Thermal's parent company, Nippon Paper Industries. Jujo Thermal is the European production base of Nippon Paper Industries for SHIELDPLUS®.

For more information, contact us at jujopack@jujothermal.com.

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