JOKIprogramme aims to enhance the protection of nearby water resources

We are a member, and one of the founders, of the river program called JOKIprogramme. The goal of the JOKIprogramme is to enhance the protection of water resources in the operating area, and to improve water quality. The operating area of the programme is the Eurajoki drainage basin downstream of Lake Pyhäjärvi of Säkylä, including the river channels and lakes flowing into the Eurajoki. The program was founded in January 2017, and the first term ends in December 2021. Founders of the program are municipalities of Eura, Eurajoki and Säkylä, city of Rauma, JPV-Eura LTD. , Jujo Thermal Ltd and Pyhäjärvi institute.

The goals of the programme are:

  • to enhance the water management programmes, and to continuously protect and improve the water quality in the operating area
  • to develop the potential for recreational use
  • to develop fisheries
  • to increase the environmental consciousness of all actors in the catchment area, and to strengthen the appreciation of the water bodies in the area
  • to maintain the important natural values of the water bodies
  • to secure the quality of raw water for drinking water production and industrial use.

This year, the JOKI programme activities have included actions such as monitoring the external load of nutrients in the river channels flowing into the Eurajoki river, reed cutting by the Köyliönjärvi lake, and removal of Himalayan balsam by the Eurajoki river.

JOKIprogramme brochure

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