Counterfeiters are not taking any summer holidays

EXTRASSURE® - One step ahead of the bad guys

Counterfeit has been referred to as the crime of the 21st Century. Hence, we at Jujo Thermal offer security paper solutions. However, security paper alone is not always enough in the fight against counterfeiting. A multilayered security structure is needed. With this is mind, we have together with our partner Starcke Ltd, a state-of-the-art brand protection company, created EXTRASSURE® tamper evident seal.  It combines the security features of our own paper security technology EXTRASSURE® with RFID technology, EU-pharma glue, hologram, hot foil, QR-code, and die cutting.


Please read the article from the  Label&Labelling vol.2 2016 issue which covers EXTRASSURE®  and anti-counterfeiting solutions in general. The paper security technology EXTRASSURE® is difficult to counterfeit, yet easy and fast to authenticate. For the highest demands of brand protection, we have our own advanced paper security technology, EXTRASSURE®, which is extremely difficult to counterfeit and yet easy and quick to authenticate. The key feature of EXTRASSURE® is its distinctive fluorescent effect, which follows the random and natural small scale variation in paper basis weight. It can also be illustrated as a visually cloudy fluorescent appearance when observed under UV-light. In applications where the authenticity of the product must be highly secured and the available time for making the verification, even in field conditions, is limited, the EXTRASSURE® solution offers the winning combination.

EXTRASSURE® tamper evident seal, a state-of-the-art brand protection solution created together with Starcke Ltd.

We have combined our know-how with the expertise of Starcke Ltd. Starcke has long experience in developing and offering brand protection solutions by combining graphical design and modern technology.  Their offering for brand protection includes intelligent packages, holograms, hot foil, emboss, RFID technology (NFC, HF, UHF), printed codes and serial numbers, laminating, and die cutting. As a result of our cooperation, we can offer multilayered security solution in the form of EXTRASSURE® tamper evident seal. The main features of the EXTRASSURE® tamper evident seal are: extrassure base paper, hologram, emboss, hot foil, die cutting, QR code, and NFC tag. The glue used in the seal is EU-approved pharmacy glue.
An RFID tag makes product identifiers remotely readable. Combined with a background system, the RFID tag provides an efficient instrument for tracking, authentication and product information. The reading distance varies from touch reading to up to ten meters. Close range identifiers can also be read using smart phone applications.

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The EXTRASSURE® security feature is currently available for our range of specialty coated one-side papers. To find out more about our product solutions for brand protection, security labels and value documents, please contact our Sales at

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