Working at Jujo Thermal

Jujo Thermal employs ca. 200 people. Globally, even more people are working for us through our extensive sales and service network.  All R&D, production, sales and other operations are however located in the Kauttua mill, Finland.

Our company’s values are openness, reliability, honesty and respect towards the individual and society. We cherish team work and strive towards giving good development possibilities for each employee.

How is Jujo Thermal as an employer? We asked this from our young talents and this is what they say:

Marko Miettinen / Development and Production Engineer
"I am responsible for production and development on two paper machines. Jujo Thermal is a nice place to work. The job can be challenging but interesting. We have a close working team and good atmosphere always. Jujo Thermal’s strength as a paper manufacturer is its high-level knowledge in thermal paper manufacturing and its excellent product quality."

Motoshi Wada / Technical Specialist
"Jujo as our working place is so excellent, I think. Our company is constituted by both Finnish and Japanese. Our products are quite special compared to general paper.  The education system for new employees works well. The kindness what I have experienced might be one of our company’s strengths."

Tiina Ketonen / Market Supervisor
"I am working as a market supervisor in the sales department. Jujo as a working place is international, flexible and casual. I am very happy to work in the field of my studies and to utilize the language skills and cultural knowledge I have. There is a long history of paper manufacturing in Kauttua, and for me it is a great opportunity to be a part of the chain in which the knowledge is transferring from generation to another. As a paper manufacturer Jujo Thermal is small enough to offer customized products and service to its customers, but big enough to compete in the global market."