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Jujo Thermal will exhibit its full range of products at the Labelexpo 2015. New products and concepts for this year include thermal film, top coated products, non-phenol products and security products. 

The new thermal film is extremely durable and targeted for demanding industrial, healthcare and research environments. The print image of grades (AS55KT-LF, AS60KT-LF and AS80KT-LF) is perfectly crisp and clear. the material is resilient and offers excellent resistance agains a wide range of substances.

The new generation AL60KT-LH top coated label is the ideal and affordable choice for various demanding thermal label applications such as retail, food, transport and logistics. It has an excellent combination quality and it is suitable even for deep freeze usage. 

As the demand for non-phenol thermal paper increases, we exhibit solutions without any phenol based chemicals to all end uses. Jujo Thermal’s non-phenol grades, such as the top coated label AL60KT-N, are durable, easy to use, environmental friendly and excellent in printability.

For brand protection, we offer integrated security features for our complete range of direct thermal and specialty coated one-side paper. The features range from fluorescent fibers to other colored effects and even unique and distinct fluorescent patterns in the material. For the highest demands we have our own advanced paper security technology, EXTRASSURE®, which is extremely difficult to counterfeit and yet easy and fast to authenticate. The EXTRASSURE® security feature is currently available for our specialty coated one-side papers.

Jujo Thermal is a member of Nippon Paper Group, hence proudly emphasizing the cooperation of Finnish-Japanese know-how and innovation.

Stand number 6C16

Further information: Jens Remmer, VP, Sales and Marketing,