The Ambassador of Japan visits Jujo Thermal

The Ambassador of Japan in Finland has visited Jujo Thermal Kauttua mill. Mr. Kenji Shinoda has been the Ambassador since 2012 and he wanted to experience the long traditions of Finnish-Japanese cooperation at Jujo Thermal.   

“I indeed wanted to visit the factory as this has been a pioneer target among Japanese foreign investments in Finland from late 1980´s. Jujo Thermal is a good example of how Finns and Japanese can work together. The technology know-how at Jujo Thermal is very high and the cooperation has been inspirational and productive”, says Mr. Kenji Shinoda from the Embassy of Japan.     

The Ambassador praised the environment of Kauttua surrounded by beautiful lakes and woods, and also expressed his gratitude to the local community and the factory for showing great hospitality towards Jujo Thermal’s Japanese employees living and working in Kauttua. He ended his visit by giving a speech to the employees, in which he stressed how important, modern, clean and well organized the factory is. 


The ambassador of Japan Mr.Kenji Shinoda and President of Jujo Thermal Mr. Yoshihide Kimura












The Ambassador of Japan Mr.Kenji Shinoda and the President of Jujo Thermal Mr.Yoshihide Kimura