Jujo Thermal Press Release



The accidental chemical release at the Kauttua plant in spring 2011 has led to several improvements at the plant and the training and instructions given to the plant's personnel have been fine-tuned. In addition, the water treatment plant processing the plant's wastewater has undergone expansion.

The judicial process concerning the accident will start at the Satakunta District Court on 20 October.

”The unfortunate accident was caused by unforeseen equipment failures and a human error. Fortunately its impacts were minor,” says Matti-Pekka Vanninen, Kauttua Plant Manager, Jujo Thermal Ltd.

In late May 2011, the Jujo Thermal plant in Kauttua accidentally released some 750kg of a compound called bisphenol A to a canal leading to the JVP-Eura water treatment plant, and consequently the treated water flowed into the Eurajoki river. The matter has now been taken to district court, alleging Jujo Thermal’s carelessness and/or gross negligence. The accident, however, could not have been reasonably foreseen as the monitoring equipment had functioned flawlessly before. The event was also preceded by a human error.

Bisphenol A (BPA) is harmful as a chemical substance, but not toxic. It disperses in water and is biologically degraded fast. There was no environmental impact originated from this accidental chemical release.

Jujo Thermal set out to rectify the situation immediately after the accident and made several improvements to the plant's equipment and to the guidelines and training given to the plant's employees. Jujo Thermal is committed to leave as small an ecological footprint on the environment as possible.


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