Key features

Phenol free

A wide range of non-phenol grades

BPA free

All grades are non-BPA

Image preservability

Up to 25 years

Thermal paper is widely used in label, ticket, POS receipt, medical chart, and in many other applications, because of its high reliability and convenience. Jujo Thermal’s thermal paper consists of basepaper and some special coating layers.  On the surface side, the precoat layer and the thermal layer are coated. In order to add high durability to the thermal printing image, the topcoat layer can be applied to the thermal layer. The backside layer can also be coated to improve printability and backside protection against the adhesive.

Thermal labels

Thermal tickets & tags

Non-topcoated and topcoated thermal papers for bank, entrance, lottery & gaming, parking and transportation tickets and self-service kiosks.

Thermal POS

Standard, durable and extra durable point of sale papers for ATM, cash register, coupon and guarantee receipts.

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