Security products

Our solutions

We offer integrated security features for our complete range of paper products:

  • UV-fluorescent fiber in the product matrix
  • Colored papers
  • Fluorescent colored papers
  • Unique EXTRASSURE® security feature


For the highest demands of brand protection we have our own advanced paper security technology, EXTRASSURE®, which is extremely difficult to counterfeit and yet easy and fast to authenticate. In applications where the authenticity of the product must be highly secured and the available time for making the verification even in field conditions is limited, the EXTRASSURE® solution offers the winning combination. The EXTRASSURE® security feature is  currently available for our range of specialty coated one-side papers.

To find out more about our product solutions for brand protection, security labels and value documents, please contact our sales:

Non authentic labels and brands

A counterfeit is either

  • (i) a product which makes unauthorized use of a trademark, or
  • (ii) a product which without permission copies the appearance of a product where that appearance is protected by industrial design right.

Illegal trade based on counterfeiting, inadequate authentication and inferior copy products is a global challenge. Counterfeit will affect almost every brand-owning company at some point in time. Hence it has been referred to as ‘the crime of the 21st century’. It has been estimated that brand counterfeits account for 6-10% of world trade, and that counterfeiting is the biggest source of income for organized crime in Europe. The quality of counterfeiting is improving all the time, even at higher speed than prevention technologies. The market for security labels and documents, the role of which is to guarantee the authenticity of the product in the first place, is no exception.

This not only reduces the sales of genuine products by billions of dollars, but also adversely affects brand equities, consumer confidence, innovation, distribution channel loyalty, and safe usage of products.  In addition, the supply of counterfeit reduces the desire of potential buyers to buy originals. It does not matter whether the consumer buys counterfeits willingly or unwillingly, counterfeits will still imperil the value of genuine products.

Jujo Thermal's authentication policy

Brand protection should be an integral component of every brand owner’s intellectual property rights. At Jujo Thermal we believe that our customers and final consumers have the right to manufacture authentic and reliable products. The product label must match what the brand stands for. The security seal must safeguard that the product has not been tampered with before the time of purchase. The consumer must have confidence that his printed travel document or event ticket is authentic and valid.

Security paper is a natural way of protecting brands, and, consequently, forgery-proof security paper is our business. Regardless of whether your needs for protection are in security labels, seals or value documents, we can offer security features for all direct thermal and specialty coated one-side paper products. Our philosophy for brand protection is that the security solution must offer a sufficient level of protection against forgery in combination with being fast and simply to authenticate.