Nippon Paper Group´s Strategy


The Nippon Paper Group aims to contribute to better living and cultural progress everywhere it does business.


  • Drive social sustainability through our business
  • Delight our customers
  • Instill pride in employees
  • Give back to society


  • Challenge: Embrace new challenges
  • Fairness: Be fair
  • Teamwork: Champion teamwork


Constantly creating new value and contributing to better living and cultural progress, as a comprehensive biomass company shaping the future with trees.

Over many years, we have nurtured trees, made paper, and offered a wide range of products that support people’s life and culture. We have managed forests in an appropriate manner, and pursued a variety of businesses by fully utilizing wood resources out of sustainably managed forests. Those businesses address social issues such as global warming and depletion of resources on earth, and contribute to running sustainable society.

Jujo Thermal's growth strategy


Developing new markets with innovative products

  • As a leading company of information media, we pursue new opportunities for development.

Fulfilling the Specialist in Specialty Paper

  • We analyze customers´ needs and provide professional service and best quality products.

Promoting productive investment

  • Innovative product such as special thermal paper and special C1S products
  • Strengthen investment in research, facility and efficiency.


The basis of our operations is formed by our common values, which are openness, reliability, honesty, fairness and respect of individuals and the nature.